Thought of the Day: Tax time!

April 15th, is right around the corner. Tax time, many of us have a love-hate relationship with this time of the year. Taxes can be intimidating, frustrating, and downright scary. Unfortunately, they are a necessary evil that all Americans deal with every year.

If you need any tax forms, they are all available online at

If your gross income is less than $52,000- you can file online for free!

If you use direct deposit to obtain your refund, this year you can split it between accounts!,,id=108001,00.html

Don't forget the Long Distance Telephone Excise tax refund this year! The standard refund amount is from $30-$60, cha-ching!,,id=134768,00.html

Last but not least, 7 common sense tips, from the IRS to get a jump on your taxes!,,id=118985,00.html

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