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If you are short on space to display crafts or just don't want to have your house overloaded with holiday crafts, then edible Easter cafts are a perfect alternative for you!

Find recipes here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/130436/extraordinary_edible_easter_crafts.html


Are Celebrity Relationships Ruining Your Love Life? http://health.yahoo.com/experts/menlovesex/28319/are-celebrity-relationships-ruining-your-love-life


Liz Pullman Weston is always spot on when it comes to financial advice, read her newest article “Money Trouble? It’s Your Own Fault” for a good dose of reality and some great tips: http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/SavingandDebt/LearnToBudget/MoneyTroubleItsYourOwnFault.aspx


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The author makes some points worth thinking about.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY ~ Easter Tomb Cookies

Easter is a time for candy-filled baskets, dyed eggs, spiral sliced ham, family gatherings, and the celebration of springtime. Easter is also a time that Christians remember how Jesus sacrificed his life for our sins to be forgiven, and rejoice in his resurrection.

The day before Easter is a great time to teach children about their faith with the aid of a simple cookie recipe.

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Spring is here! (Well, at least in Kentucky it is.) It's time to pull out your copy of The Mom's Guide to Earning and Saving Thousands on the Internet and brush up on your mystery shopping skills to get the best assignments for summer shopping.

If you haven't signed up to be a mystery shopper yet with the companies listed in The Mom's Guide, now is a great time to do so, as the assignments are plentiful in the summer while companies gear up for improving back-to-school and holiday shopping experiences.

Once you brush up on your knowledge and register to work with the companies in The Mom's Guide, check out these mystery shopping companies too for additional assignments:

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NOTE: These companies are not affiliated with nor endorsed by MOMdotCOM.net™ While we try to scan each business to ensure it is on the up and up, be sure to refer to your copy of The Mom's Guide to Earning and Saving Thousands on the Internet to help you to determine which companies are the right choice for you and have the quality programs you desire.

If you own or know of a company we've missed on this resource list, please email us the information, we'll be happy to validate it to share with other Mom's Guide readers!
THOUGHT FOR TODAY – Duct Tape That Diaper!

I stuffed the remaining half of a ham sandwich salvaged from my toddler’s plate while I watched in amazement as he ran bare-bottomed across the linoleum floor. Less than a minute earlier I removed Cory from his high chair, wiped his freckled cheeks clean, and placed him down to play with his new Tonka truck as I cleaned the tray and picked over the scraps, hoping for an ounce of nourishment to get me through the rest the day.

A fascinating transformation came upon Cory when turned two. He released his latent Houdini genes morphing into a master escape artist. No diaper could withstand his evasive powers.

Solutions: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/94442/five_ways_to_keep_your_toddler_from.html


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Our family has a history of strokes. This fact really hit home when my grandmother had a massive one. It left me wondering what exactly a stroke was, how to prevent one, and why this affected the women in my family more than the men.

According to the FDA Office of Women's Health, strokes are not discriminate; close to the same number of women have strokes as men. Strokes do not discriminate by race or age either, though adults over the age of 40 are most likely to have a stroke.

What follows are five things everyone should know about strokes, not just women, or those with a family history of strokes: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/170855/five_things_every_woman_needs_to_know.html


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There’s a frugal tip for just about everything… here’s a bunch to get you geared up for this spring:

Easter Baskets on a Budget

Frugal Low-Carb Dieting

Save Money on Camping

Frugal Traveling Tips

Frugal Photography

Save Money on Movies

Frugal Scrapbook Ideas

Frugal Uses for Leftover Soap

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Barb Webb sold her short story, “Our Love Went Up in Flames” to the I Confess book series (Carolann Publishing.) The story will appear in I Confess 3, scheduled for release in 2008.

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Thought for Today ~ St. Patrick’s Day

A little St. Patrick’s Day fun for children: Three Easy St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Toddlers

And a little St. Patrick’s Day fun for adults!: Ten Drinks Guaranteed to Put the Green in Your St. Patrick's Day Celebration

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Thought for the Day ~ Recycling Cereal!

Do you every have left-over cereal that’s gotten a little stale or wondering what to with empty cereal boxes, rather than tossing them away? Consider adding a little fun to your children’s life by completing cereal crafts!

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