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We are going to deviate a little from the traditional format to bring you a wealth of information in the highlights from a chat I hosted on last night.

(Do you Gather? If not, email me at and I’ll invite you! Gather is a fab community with a lot of conversation and fun benefits.)

I hope you enjoy and benefit from the following information:

SURVEYS: Some survey companies can be a waste of time for sure. Two of the higher paying ones are Survey Savvy
and Consumer Opinion
If you haven't joined them, I suggest you do. You'll find their surveys a bit easier, shorter, and they both pay out quickly. If you do well with Consumer Opinion too, they have some "elite" groups you may receive an invite too and you might be invited to participate in a focus group too, where the pay is much higher.

Another good one is Pinecone
- they have a quick payout (typically in the $3 to $5 range) for every survey and they are super easy, often fun, to complete. However, they only accept applications at variant times when they need more survey participants... so keep an eye out for invites if you aren't already a member.

FOCUS GROUPS: Speaking of focus groups, if you haven't checked into your local opportunities, you may be missing out on $75 to $150 a pop (usually 2 to 4 hours of your time,) or more if you qualify for any studies. You'll find a decent list of these on Volition

Free stuff is awesome and there are so many opportunities to find it on the web. Be sure to check my daily blogs at MOMdotCOM and Living With Zero Debt where you'll find the best of what I find each day!

Other good websites to check are Fat Wallet and My Coupons

GROCERY SHOPPING: A great place, if you don't visit there already, for finding out about loss leaders and what coupons to use where is Hot Coupons You'll find every grocery store and then some, with a wealth of info from all around the nation (and international too.)

MYSTERY SHOPPING: You said no to mystery shopping... is it just not suitable to your lifestyle or do you think you won't be able to complete the assignments?

I ask because it's one of my favorite ways to maximize my money making and saving opportunities. To get an idea, check where you'll see how I made money on my last grocery outing.

I also love the free meals we get- can't beat 'em as eating out is something we don't do often. If you change your mind, you'll find a good list of mystery shopping companies here:

BOOKS: If you have any books sitting around, consider all these options to pocket a few dollars... Turn Your Old Books Into New Cash

CALL CENTER WAHM: If you are interested in a stay-at-home job, consider working for a call center- they are generally order taking jobs and you can set your own hours. Pay ranges from $7-$10 per hour. With incentive programs, $11-$20, and upwards, may be possible. A part-time agent may earn $5,000 to $20,000 per year, while full time agents are reported to be in the $25,000 to $40,000 per year range.

More info here:

SAVING ON PRESCRIPTIONS: I'm not a guru on insurance benefits as each state has such variant plans and resources available, but I did do a piece on saving on Prescription costs if that's a concern for you:

HEALTH STUDIES There are a ton of health studies out there on all types of conditions and illnesses... not the same as having insurance, but they do provide you with physicals and health care throughout the studies. Something you might want to check into?

I know a lot of freebie people who have participated in these for the money (they generally pay well for participation.) Anyway, just a thought. Here's some links in case you are interested: and You never know where you might find help :)

EBAY TIPS: Deal Finder is kind of a cool site, but they don't have coupons, just helps you search for deals. Not finding any current offers or coupons for Ebay right now, but My Points has a points deal right now.

FRUGAL BIRTHDAY PARTY PLANNING: The Dollar Stretcher is one of my fav sites, if you ignore the ads, I found these articles for you there and

Also check out ideas on Frugal Moms including a lengthy list of frugal games

And two information highlights that aren’t as easily classified:

QUESTION: Is it better to sign up and use as many GPT sites as you can per day, or pick a small handful of well renowned ones, which are proven payers, and put all your efforts into those?

ANSWER: Yes, yes, YES! Pick the proven players and stick with them. It's not a bad idea to diversify your efforts by participating with multiple proven players, but avoid the ones that drain your time for little pay in return. It's sort of like, would you rather make 5 cents an hour or $5? The opportunities may be a little slimmer on some of the tried and trues as they have more people participating, but the pay off is well worth your patience and time.

QUESTION: Several Mystery Shopping websites want money to join them, should I pay?

ANSWER: If there is one point I can't stress enough for you and anyone who reads this... Never, ever, pay a company to be employed by them. No quality company will ever ask for an upfront fee- that's a HUGE red flag there.

I hope you enjoyed these highlights and hope you can use some of the tips and links!

If you are already a Gather member, you’ll find the entire chat on the Girls Night Out Group.



National Museum Day is this Saturday, September 29th. Why not plan an outing with your family and/or friends?

For more information, click here:


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Hi all!

I'm sure by now you've noticed the changes to the blog... I hope you are enjoying the new format and finding things easier to find!

… in particular, we now have the ability to utilize the left column to post some of the best features, websites, and companies we’d like to share with you.

Some of them offer a referral in exchange, which helps support this website and in the case of our bookstore, helps support research for finding a cure for breast cancer… so, please check them out when you have time.

If you enjoy this website, please help us out (especially by clicking on the Google links!)

Every link we offer is for a reputable, quality company, as our motto is and remains “We deliver scam and spam-free advice and goodies!”

I hope you enjoy using the new features! Thank you for your continued friendship and support!



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THOUGHT FOR TODAY ~ Learn a New Language!

If you have the desire to learn a new language or even just a few catch phrases for an upcoming trip, visit BBC Languages

You’ll find a wealth of free videos, worksheets, and audio lessons to get you started!


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EVENT: Museum Day is a nationwide event taking place on Saturday, September 29, 2007, where participating museums and cultural institutions across the country offer free admission.

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Work At Home Job Facts: Call Center Representative

Are Internet Freebies Taking Over Your Home?

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PS- I posted my favorite very simple recipe for you, Whole Wheat Beer Bread, on my Living With Zero Debt blog - enjoy!


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THOUGHT FOR TODAY ~ Making Money at the Grocery Store

I just posted, what I hope is a very helpful entry on my Living With Zero Debt blog. Hope it helps you win at the grocery game!

You’ll also find a few PET FREEBIES listed there too- enjoy! (And because I’m on a Pet Food freebie quest these days… you’ll find a bunch more below too.)

How I Made Money on My Last Shopping Trip


FREE Legal Forms

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I’ve started a new blog where I’ll be sharing more intimate details about my personal budgeting, tricks, and frugal living habits on my quest towards living with Zero Debt.

Please join me!… I’d love to share information and see if we can help each other live less stressful lives when it comes to managing finances.

Living With Zero Debt


The Disney Family Learning Center is now offering online course for FREE! With classes like Green Living and Introduction to Photography, you’ll find a variety of fun topics to register for.

Disney Family Learning Center


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THOUGHT FOR THE DAY ~ Pesky Credit Card Offers!

Do you open your mailbox only to discover endless envelopes with new credit card or insurance offers? Did you know the bulk of these come from lists that the major credit card reporting agencies sell to creditors?

If you’d like to stop the cycle and save a few trees in the process, call 1 (888) 567-8688 for the OPT-OUT program. By entering your information into this automated system, you will effectively force the credit bureaus to stop selling your information to anyone.


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Hi all! You may have noticed that the blog has been slowly undergoing changes… in particular, we now have the ability to utilize the left column to post some of the best features, websites, and companies we’d like to share with you.

Some of them offer a referral in exchange, which helps support this website and in the case of our bookstore, helps support research for finding a cure for breast cancer… so, please check them out when you have time.

Every link we offer is for a reputable, quality company, as our motto is and remains “We deliver scam and spam-free advice and goodies!”

I hope you enjoy using the new features!


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We’re in the news! Check out this awesome article by Liz Pullman Weston on the HOME JOBS FOR ALL Blog:

“True Professional Work-At-Home”


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EVENT: Free Museum Day is September 29th

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There’s a new program on the block, Send Earnings, which is a combination of My Surveys and My Points with games and other goodies all rolled in one. Earn cash for surveys, emails, online shopping, and playing games.

PLUS they are currently offering a $5 sign-up bonus just for registering… definitely an easy and painless way to earn a few dollars, at the very least… but the earning potential is far greater with this new program.

Check it out: Paid E-Mail, Surveys, and More!

TIP: As always, we recommend that you use a “safe” email account when starting with a new survey or point program company (refer to Chapter 1 in The Mom’s Guide To Earning and Saving Thousands on the Internet book for more information.)


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THOUGHT FOR TODAY ~ Are You a Good Neighbor?

Tomorrow, September 5th is the 13th Annual FTD Good Neighbor Day.

Thousands of FTD florists across the U.S. are planning to help spread friendship and kindness to their neighbors through the distribution of free floral bouquets and other events. Customers are encouraged to keep one flower for themselves and give the others away to brighten the day of many other people.

To find a participating FTD Good Neighbor Day florist:

If you are not close to a participating location, there still might be other ways you can celebrate this holiday – a simple smile and a friendly “hello” to all your neighbors, at work and home, can go a long way towards making the world a brighter place!


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