Weekend Contest Fun

Room of your Dreams Sweepstakes http://bombay.eprize.net/dreams/?cm_ven=email&cm_cat=0301-IN060005-kSweepsEmail&cm_pla=graphic&cm_ite=sweepstakes

Bounce Gotta See It Sweepstakes http://bounce.eprize.net/gottaseeit/index.tbapp?page=login&email=&session_id=4e61u2kupqfwuo5w

Avacodos for Entertaining Contest http://www.sweepstakes.avocadosfrommexico.com/Pages/Registration.html

3M Privacy Filters Sweepstakes http://3m.eprize.net/privacyfilters/

Nair Bikini Beach Sweepstakes http://nair.eprize.net/bikinibeach/

Ice Age 2 The Meltdown Contest http://www.conagrafoods.com/IA2/

Crisco & Pillsbury Celebrate Your Great Taste Promotion http://www.celebrategreattaste.com/register.asp

The Lawn-Boy Ultimate Golf Instant Win Game http://www.lawnboyultimategolfgiveaway.com/

The Home Depot Drive To E-circular Instant Spin To Win http://homedepot.securepromotion.com/?n=1b

MSN Games Pause to Play Sweepstakes http://www.pause2play.com/

Subway Instant Win http://www.get-sa.com/

Feel Like a Millionaire For a Weekend http://wms.eprize.net/powerball/

DiGiorno Pizza Free Throw, Free Pizza Instant Win http://kraft3.promotions.com/digiorno06/page.do?page=ft_front.html

Good Luck!
Thought for Friday ~ Free Online Courses

Would you like to know how to think like Leonardo da Vinci, learn how to write children's books, or fing out how to give your lawn a makeover?

You'll find all these topics and more at Barnes & Noble University. Best of all, these online classes are FREE and registration is now open for the May enrollment:


So go on, learn something new this spring!

PS - (Though many of the classes suggest a book to be purchased to co-incide with the course, you'll find the course itself very informative without the aid of a book.
To keep the course entirely free, as we here at MOMdotCOM.net love to keep everything free-- You may want to check the book out from your local library first before deciding to purchase.)


Freebies & Fun

FREE Sample of Comfort Creme Fabric Softener http://www.comfortcreme.com/request.asp

FREE Samples from Ziploc http://www.eversave.com/eversave/consumers/SCJohnson-MiniFlow.jsp?cid=22&sourceid=16675&siteid=rp002953

FREE Empire State Bed-n-Breakfast Book http://www.esbba.com/guidebook.htm

(Health Freebie) FREE Children's Book "Celebrate Me!" for helping children to understand skin disorders http://www.neostrata.com/coverblend/cbd_cme_req.asp

FREE Wish List Notepad from Max & Lucy http://www.maxandlucy.com/emailgift.html

FREE Celebrate Girls Mousepad http://health.uchc.edu/survey/index.html

FREE Subscription to Big Reel Magazine http://a388.g.akamai.net/7/388/1603/...l01welcome.htm

FREE "Feels Good w/Grains" Recipe Card Set http://www.wheatfoods.org/Index.htm

FREE Avery Sign Kit http://www.averysignkits.com/signs/promo/free_sign_kit.asp
Thought for Thursday ~ Leftover Soap

Ever wonder what to do with those little leftover slivers or pieces of soap? Well, before you throw them away next time, consider these creative uses instead:

Cut the bottom foot off a pair of pantihose you plan to discard (example, a pair that has a run in the nylon.) Place a few soap slivers in the nylon, then tie it onto an outside faucet/spicket. Now you'll have a quick "soap" dispenser at hand for easy clean-up after gardening or other outdoor activities.

Save your soap slivers and pieces in a tupperware container. When you have a bunch, add a little water to them to get the pieces moist, then shape into little balls. Allow a few hours drying time, and viola!-- you'll have new soaps!

If you're handy with needles & threads, take two washcloths and stitch them together in purse-like fashion with a drawstring at the top. Collect your soap slivers and broken pieces in this pouch. When it's half full, tighten the drawstrings and you'll have a nifty reusable soft-filled cleaning cloth.

On the same note, you can use a bath mitt or mitten (you'll find them at the dollar stores and/or discount stores) and simply use a ribbon or rubber band to seal the opening.

Do you have a soap tip to share? Please post it in the comments sections.

Freebies & Fun

FREE Samples and Coupons of Adora Calcium Chews http://www.adorasamples.com/

FREE Sample of Pearl Drops http://www.pearldrops.com/promotion.aspx

FREE Coupons and Samples from Wisk http://www.wisk.com/data/registration/registration.asp

15% off Kohls.com http://www.kohls.com Use Code KOHLS15NOW

$10 off purchase of $30 or more at Bath & Body Works http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/home/index.jsp Use Coupon Code 4602

COUPON for FREE Chocolate Fondue for Two from The Melting Pot http://www.themeltingpotclubfondue.com/signup.cgi

FREE Subscription to SPIN Magazine http://a388.g.akamai.net/7/388/1603/0001/www.freebizmag.com/zdspinmag01welcome.htm
Thought for Wednesday ~ Stay Safe in the Sun

This May, there are some great offerings to help you protect your skin.

First check out the FREE Skin Cancer Screenings on May 6 http://www.aad.org/professionals/worldrecord/

Next, mark your calendar for the coveted Allure "Playing Safe in Sun" Beauty Box will be up for grabs on May 24th this year. http://allurebeautybox2006.com/

For those not familiar with this ~ Basic details: This exclusive offer, an estimated $185.00 value this year, is yours for just $24.99. It includes beauty essentials from your favorite brands, all designed with sun in mind. The proceeds are donated to charity (usually dedicated to Skin Cancer research.)

Be safe and enjoy!

Freebies & Fun

FREE Schick Quattro for Women http://www.quattroforwomen.com/sqw_form.cfm

(Pre-K to 2nd Grade Teachers) FREE Hullabaloo DVD Game for the classroom when you sign up for the Cranium Teacher Panel http://www.youthmedia.com/

(Honda Owners) FREE 40 Point Inspection and FREE First Aid Kit http://www.ahm-ownerlink.com/hccd.asp

FREE Mayo Clinic Cookbook when you Register on their website http://www.ahm-ownerlink.com/hccd.asp

Join the Dave & Busters Reward Program and get $10 in chips for FREE along with other special offers http://www.daveandbusters.com/Signup/Signup.aspx

FREE Steak Sauce Recipe Book from A1 Call 1-800-217-3247 and select #2
Reminder ~ Today is Free IceCream Day at Ben & Jerry's

April 25 is Ben & Jerry's free cone day! Get a free scoop noon to eight pm at any Ben & Jerry's store. More Info: http://www.benjerry.com/features/fcd_2006/

Thought for Tuesday ~ Preserving Gifts

With Mother's Day around the corner, I thought these interesting tidbits might be fun to share.

If you freeze candles before you use them, they will burn for a longer period.

If you have a pesky shirt button that's loose, re-stich it using fish line for thread. This will keep it place for a long time.

Suppose-of-ly, a shot of vodka added to the water in a vase will keep flowers fresh. Haven't tested this one... if anyone has, please let us know your results in the comments section.

To clean special glasses or glass containers such as vases, use a solution of salt, lemon juice, and crushed ice. Swirl them around inside to achieve a sparkling clean. If the glass is very fragile, eliminate the ice.

If you keep your silver jewelry in an air tight container, such as a Tupperware or Rubbermaid container, will prevent it from discoloring/tarnishing.

Do you have a favorite tip for preserving your cherishables? Please share it with us in the comment section!

Freebies & Fun

FREE Family Film Festival Movies at Select Regal Cinema Locations http://www.regalcinemas.com/family_film/

FREE Summer Movie Camp from AMC http://www.moviewatcher.com/promos/summercamp/

(Military Families) FREE Admission To Sea World, Busch Gardens And Sesame Place http://www.herosalute.com/cavatx/index.html

COUPON for Weight Watchers Smart Ones http://www.eatyourbest.com/promotions/index.aspx

FREE Sample of Gain Laundry Detergent

FREE Small Bites Recipe Book from Hidden Valley Ranch http://www.hiddenvalley.com/smallbites/

FREE Sample of Amazing Goop Glue http://www.amazinggoop.com/

60% off Restaurant.com http://www.restaurant.com/index.asp?rpid=1647&raid=999&AID=5810835&PID=1939 Use Code 87539

FREE CD Mix http://experiencerecordings.com/wst_page6.html

FREE Sample GanoCafe Coffee (link at top of page) http://www.ganocafeonline.com/

COUPON for FREE Hot Dog and 32 oz. Drink at Participating QuikTrip Locations http://www.qtwebgroup.com/QTMktPlus_OnlineRegistrationForm.aspx

FREE Shrimp Recipe Brochures from Florida Shrimp http://www.wildfloridashrimp.com/consumer-order.html
Monday Freebies & Fun

FREE Coupons from Febreze http://www.homemadesimple.com/en_US/febreze/drtv_ae_fr.do

(UK Only) FREE Rimmel Rich Moisture Cream Lipstick http://survey.email.coty.com/SensorPro/survey/TemplateBlankRun.aspx?&SurveyId=3a0e120d-1834-40dc-9daa-0747ead41b56&PageId=cdfd5efc-e9ab-4f27-b788-46e359689d6c&Ox=coty

COUPON - Free Sitting and 8x10 from Picture People http://www.picturepeople.com/whats_in_store/now_showing.aspx?sm=10_1

FREE Copy of GK Magazine and Postcards for Kids http://www.childrenfirst.nhs.uk/kids/life/magazine/

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FREE J-Lo "Live" Fragrance Sample http://survey.email.coty.com/SensorPro/survey/TemplateBlankRun.aspx?&SurveyId=355aaded-db8f-4337-b05f-7763e5407002&PageId=93ddfe3c-0e75-4e78-935b-d66578db6f87&Ox=coty

REBATE - Ten FREE I-Tunes from V05 http://www.style.com/promo/vo5/freemusic.html

FREE Subscription to SEED Magazine http://a388.g.akamai.net/7/388/1603/0001/www.freebizmag.com/emailseedmag01welcome.htm

Super Extra Freebies ~ Many thanks to reader Jamie F. for sharing!

FREE Sample of O.B. Silk Ease http://www.obtampons.com/try.shtml

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CONTEST - Enter to Win a Slow Cooker Full of Cash from Reynold's Kitchens

FREE Trial Samples of Natural Formula Personal Care http://www.naturalformula.com/trials.cfm
Weekend Freebies & Fun

FREE Bracelet and Information from the "Choose To Know" Campaign http://www.thehpvtest.com/30plus/choose_to_know_bracelet.aspx

FREE Poison Prevention Information and Mr. Yuk Stickers http://www.chp.edu/chpstore/poisonprev.php

FREE Coupons from Hartz Pet Products http://www.hartz.com/index.asp?fp=1

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CONTEST Instant Win from Hilton Garden Inn http://www.stayhgi.eprize.net/whereareyougoing/index.tbapp?page=index2&session_id=5sg85qrcxpvs58xk

FUN Website - dMarie Time Capsule, obtain FREE Information on any day in History http://www.dmarie.com/timecap/step1.asp Great for scrapbooking and birthdays!

FREE Tickets to the Conan O'brien Show (filmed in Chicago) http://www.nbc.com/nbc/Late_Night_with_Conan_O

FREE Sample of Lactaid Fast Act Dietary Supplements http://www.lactaid.com/vcrc/offers/nmcampaign.jhtml?id=vcrc/offers/la_freesample2.inc&oid=5018&bid=21&formType=C

Also, these Instant Win CONTESTS are still active:

Northern "Trade Up Everyday" (Daily Prize)http://www.quiltednorthernultra.com/tradeup/

Nestle Crunch Crunch N Win http://www.nestlecrunch.com/crunchandwin/landing.asp

DiGiorno Free-Throw for a FREE Pizza http://kraft3.promotions.com/digiorno06/page.do?page=ft_front.html

How Do You Split Your Thomas's English Muffin? http://www.winwiththomas.com/splash.cfm?flash=true

Good luck and be sure to let us know if you win!

Enjoy the weekend!
Thought for Friday ~ New Point Program

We hear a lot of scam buzz about various programs and tons of pay per click programs, and Treasure Troopers appears to be one of these programs. MOMdotCOM strongly advises against participating in this program.

If you read their terms of service, you'll note their practices are more than questionable and there's not a stitch of legitamate company information to be found. Red flags here all over the place.

There are also reports of accounts being closed without notice, nor reason. Steer clear of this program.

Freebies & Fun

FREE Sample from SoluFlex http://www.soluflexplus.com/order_samples.htm

RESEARCH STUDY- Are you a parent or a stepparent living in a stepfamily household with a child 11 to 15 years old? You may qualify for the study and a $50 incentive http://study.newstepfamily.com/

FREE Subscription to Ski Magazine https://secure.customersvc.com/servlet/Show?WESPAGE=am/Transactions/Order/order_KI.jsp&MSRSMAG=KI

(Business Freebie) FREE Pair of Mechanic Gloves http://www.hyflexfoamgray.com/land.php?cid=11801

PRINTABLE form for a FREE Copy of Scholastic Reader http://www.scholastic.com/familymatters/read/all/scholasticreaders/ISpyOrderForm.pdf

(NY Freebie) FREE Coffee Mug and Coffee from Wilson Farms http://www.freethecoffee.com/

FREE Discover Boating DVD http://www.discoverboating.com/marketing/dvd/default.aspx

PRINTABLE Coupon for Buy 1 Get 1 Free Quizno Subs http://www.quiznos.com/Coupon/Coupon.ashx?Email=0&Store=0&Promotion=toastycomborollingall

CONTEST- "Happy Mother's Day" Book to every 5th Entry http://www.lhm.org/internetorders/active/intl_mothersday2006.asp
Thought for Wednesday ~ Sweet Pea Soup

My daughter is currently studying French and we had to make a spring-themed dish for her class. I'd like to take the opportunity to share the recipe we used because it turned out to be an interesting addition to our own supper table.

Grab a loaf of French bread to accompany the soup and enjoy!

2 tbsp of butter
1 medium onion, finely chopped
3 1/2 cups of vegetable stock
3/4 cup of heavy cream
3 1/2 cups of frozen peas
1 potato, peeled and diced
Black pepper, ground

Melt butter in a medium to large cooking pot over a low heat. Stir in diced onion. Saute the onion in the butter until soft (about five minutes.)

Next, stir in the vegetable stock, diced potatoes, and peas. Add salt and ground pepper to taste, then simmer mixture until it bubbles. (Note: Salt and ground pepper are optional. Also, if you are uncertain of how much salt and ground pepper to add, simply add a dash of each and you may always add more to the mixture later after sampling.)

Continue cooking the mixture at a low simmer until the potatoes are tender. Then, remove from heat and scoop out the solid pieces of the mixture into a blender or food processor, leaving the broth in the cooking pot. Use a strainer or a slotted spoon for this process. Add one ladle of broth to the solids and blend until smooth.

Drain the remaining broth from the cooking pot. Pour the pureed mix from the blender or food processor into the cooking pot, add cream, and simmer. Stir the cream into the blended mix until fully mixed and heated. Keep the heat low and do not bring to a boil.

When sufficiently mixed and heated, remove from heat, pour or ladle into soup cups, let sit for five minutes, and serve!

Freebies & Fun

FREE Sample of BodiHeat http://www.beyondbodiheat.com/htmls/pre_free_sample_new.asp

OFFER- Free T-Shirt offer from Reese's http://www.hersheys.com/reeses-caramel-cup/home.asp

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OFFER- Nuetrogena Exclusive Sun-Smart Tote - Protect Your Skin and Contribute to a Cause https://subs.timeinc.net/SM/bks_sm06ozprevent.jhtml

DEAL- Lands End English Toffee on Sale for $5 (reg. $19) http://www.landsend.com/cd/ov/prod/0,1467,2_17273_17280_66737_140795_119046_,00.html?sid=2480195344059144050&CM_MERCH=PAGE_66734

DEAL- $5.99 Plug and Play Games at Gamestop (regularly $19.99 and up) http://www.gamestop.com/search.asp?sortby=default&searchtype=quicksearch&searchcount=12&Keyword=TV+Games&platform=0&find.x=29&find.y=10 PLUS FREE Shipping, Use Code FREESHIPALL

COUPON- Two FREE Burgers from White Castle http://www.whitecastle.com/_pages/offer.asp

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FREE Visitor's Guide to Beverly Hills http://www.beverlyhillsbehere.com/cvbgeneral.asp?id=7
Quick Note ~ Welcome back from the holiday weekend! Here's your daily dose of tips, deals, and freebies... enjoy!

Thought for Tuesday ~ Book Reports!

HarperCollins has established a fun First Look program for kids. According to their website, each month they will offer free advanced reading copies for children to review. The reviewers will be selected at random, but the program is completely free to the reader!

For more details, visit http://www.harpercollinschildrens.com/HarperChildrens/Members/firstlook/index.aspx

Freebies & Fun

FREE Sample of Vitabath Gelee http://www.myvitabath.com/catalog_request.aspx

HOT DEAL - Discovery Channel 20th Anniversary DVD Collection $10 plus shipping/handling http://shopping.discovery.com/product-58708.html?jzid=40587927-0-0&jzid=40588073-2-0

(Education Freebie) FREE Samples from EverWhite http://www.everproducts.com/free_samples.php

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COUPON for FREE Strawberries and Kreme Krispy Kreme Donut http://krispykreme.qm4.net/members/UpdateProfile.aspx?Action=Subscribe&source=SandKCoupon
Quick Note

The MOMdotCOM.net Blog will be inactive through the holiday weekend (from Friday April 14 to Monday April 17) but there's lots of freebies and games below to keep you busy, and I'll be back with a wealth of new deals and fun next week! See you then!

Thought for Wednesday ~ Quick Cleaning Tips

With the high traffic through many households this weekend, I thought I'd share a few fun interesting, but true cleaning solutions using common objects around the house to help.

To remove BLACK SHOE MARKS on vinyl or wood floors, rub them with a clean tennis ball.

To remove CHEWING GUM from hard floors, use a plastic bag filled with ice to cover the spot and freeze the gum. Then use the edge of a credit card to pop it off the surface.

To remove CANDY from carpet, first remove any excess liquid with a towel or vacuum up small pieces, then use a small amount of dish washing soap and a wet rag to rub out the rest. Follow with a wet rag (minus the soap) and then blot excess moisture from the carpet.

To find more solutions, try visiting How To Clean Anything online http://www.howtocleananything.com/

Freebies & Fun

CONTEST Instant Win - How Do You Split Your Thomas's English Muffin? http://www.winwiththomas.com/splash.cfm?flash=true

FREE $5 Gift Certificate from Starbucks Connections (available in limited areas) http://www.starbucksconnections.com/

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CONTEST Instant Win - Ice Age 2 Meltdown http://conagra.eprize.net/ia2/index.tbapp?page=alternate_form

These Instant Wins are still active too...

Disney & The Weather Channel "Forcast for Smiles" http://weather.eprize.net/forecastforsmiles/1-800-Flowers

DiGiorno Free-Throw for a FREE Pizza http://kraft3.promotions.com/digiorno06/page.do?page=ft_front.html

Tommy Boy "Reveal your Inner Tommy" http://tommy.eprize.net/style/

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Days Inn "Win Gas & Go" http://cendant.eprize.net/hotelbrands/index.tbappGap

"Quaker - Win a box of Breakfast Cookies http://www.quakersnackbars.com/CHW_InstantWin/index.asp

BlueFly "It-Bag-A-Day Givaway" http://bluefly.eprize.net/45handbags/index.tbapp?

Destination Doritos Instant Game (Click on "Promos") http://www.doritos.com/

Gillette Satin Care "Design your Perfect Beach Day" http://gillette.eprize.net/smoothlegs/index.tbapp?page=intro&email=&session_id=r1x30dt8wdzqjec4

Wendy's "Corner Raves" https://www.cornerraves.com/Main.aspQuilted

Northern "Trade Up Everyday" (Daily Prize)http://www.quiltednorthernultra.com/tradeup/

Crunch "Crunch 'N Winner"http://www.nestlecrunch.com/crunchandwin/landing.asp

Best of luck to you! If you win a prize, please post in the comments and let us celebrate with you!
Thought For Wednesday ~ Fix It!

Home Depot locations around the country offer special Home Depot Clinics in-store, including "Do It Herself" shops for women.

Right now, if you register online for a workshop http://www.homedepotdoitherself.com/ you'll receive a chance to win prizes including a $25 Home Depot Gift Certificate PLUS you'll receive a coupon for 10% off your purchases.

Now there's a few incentives to polish up on your "handy" woman skills!

Freebies & Fun

Animal Lovers - FREE Embrace Guardianship Bracelet http://www.idausa.org/pp_bracelet_frame.html

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FREE Wine Pairing and Tip Guide http://www.impromptugourmet.com/CatalogRequest.aspx?Request=TipGuide&WebID=9eb36a61-b3f4-4b9e-9316-01ce19e4d23d
Thought for Tuesday ~ How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ah, spring flowers are here in GA and I cannot help but think about putting together a summer garden. And wouldn't you know it- one of our blog readers (I love hearing from you all!) just recently tipped me off to a fabulous website with excellent products and deals that has blasted my garden fever into overdrive!

Big Chimes http://www.bigchimes.com/ is chock full of whimsical, practical, and delightful gardening decor and products. Pretty much everything your heart and lawn desires.

Right now they are also running a set shipping rate (oodles of savings on heavier items!) and offering a FREE Spring Bunny Plaque with any purchase over $30.00


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Enter the Gerber 5-A-Day Sweepstakes and get a FREE magnet too! https://www.gerber.com/promise2

$25 off purchase of $100 or more at Coldwater Creek http://www.coldwatercreek.com/ Use Code WJA3334

FREE Atlas & Hotel Guide from Best Western http://www.bestwestern.com/reservations/printeddirectory.asp

FREE Digital Subscription to Red Herring Magazine http://www.mercurymagazines.com/pr1/101/10120

FREE Subscription to The New York Observer http://www.mercurymagazines.com/pr1/101/10135

(Education Freebie) FREE Subscription to Yes! Magazine for Educators http://www.yesmagazine.org/default.asp?ID=114

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FREE Sample of Ionic Fizz http://www.pureessencelabs.com/promo_ionic_fizz.php

FREE Sample of Stop Itch for Dogs http://www.stopitch.com/
Thought for Monday ~ Easter Baskets

For those who celebrate the holiday and make Easter baskets too, here's a few frugal tips for you to consider using this year or tucking away for the next:

1) Instead of buying Easter grass, consider recycling paper you already have at hand. Use an electronic shredder or a pair of scissors to cut up scraps of old wrapping paper, comics from the newspaper, or even printer paper you no longer have a need for.

2) Consider making homemade chocolate suckers, bunnies, and so on. Kits with candy molds can be obtained at your local craft or department store. Not only will it be cheaper per ounce to make them, you'll be able to use the kits for many years to come and it adds a nice personal, home-made touch to your baskets.

3) Get crafty and creative with your egg decorating, rather than purchasing store kits. Use stickers, papers, markers, crayons, and other craft items you have to decorate unique Easter eggs.

4) Instead of purchasing special Easter baskets, look around your home for alternatives. Do you already have a few suitable baskets to borrow for a day? Consider using a few tupperware or similiar round bowls instead of a basket, as well.

5) Consider buying multi-purpose containers instead of the "traditional" Easter basket such as sand buckets, flower pots, storage containers, and so forth. This way you'll be giving an extra gift. For example, sand buckets will come in handy for play in the summertime, flower pots will be great for teaching the children to grow a spring garden, and storage containers can be used to keep their Easter goodies tidy and then later used for snacks or toys.

Do you have a frugal Easter basket tip? Please share it with us in the comments section.

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Thought for Monday ~ The Great Outdoors!

Spring is in the air. The warmer weather beckons us to ditch those puffy winter jackets and step outside into the sunshine.

This time of year always makes me think of camping, and it's the perfect time to plan for an early summer outing. If your vacation dollars are tight or you need just a mini escape, camping is a great solution, offering fun for the whole family without breaking the bank.
Check out the local camp grounds near your destination or those closest to you for weekend outings. You'll find the average night's stay to be a fraction of the cost of renting a hotel room, even if you choose to stay in a cabin, rather than your own tent or RV (if you own or can borrow one.) Here's a few websites to get you started in your search:
All Campgrounds http://www.allcampgrounds.com/state.html
Camping.com http://www.camping.com/?source=GOTO&keyword=usa+campground
Recreation.gov http://www.recreation.gov/camping.cfm?myActivity=Camping

Another little known fact is that stying at National Forests is usually cheaper than staying at a National Park, and on the up side, they are usually less crowded too. You'll find a listing of National Forest by state here: http://www.fs.fed.us/recreation/map/state_list.shtml

If you are a little squeamish about camping (ie: sleeping on the ground, fear of missing your daily showers, etc.) keep in mind that many campground facilities are well equipped these days with showers, outlets for blowdryers and so on. The also have playgrounds and swimming pools, snack shops, and a whole lot more to offer. As for sleeping on the ground, consider purchasing an air mattress. They are inexpensive, pack easily, and offer a pretty comfy night's sleep.

Enjoy the great outdoors!

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