Thought for Thursday ~ Leftover Soap

Ever wonder what to do with those little leftover slivers or pieces of soap? Well, before you throw them away next time, consider these creative uses instead:

Cut the bottom foot off a pair of pantihose you plan to discard (example, a pair that has a run in the nylon.) Place a few soap slivers in the nylon, then tie it onto an outside faucet/spicket. Now you'll have a quick "soap" dispenser at hand for easy clean-up after gardening or other outdoor activities.

Save your soap slivers and pieces in a tupperware container. When you have a bunch, add a little water to them to get the pieces moist, then shape into little balls. Allow a few hours drying time, and viola!-- you'll have new soaps!

If you're handy with needles & threads, take two washcloths and stitch them together in purse-like fashion with a drawstring at the top. Collect your soap slivers and broken pieces in this pouch. When it's half full, tighten the drawstrings and you'll have a nifty reusable soft-filled cleaning cloth.

On the same note, you can use a bath mitt or mitten (you'll find them at the dollar stores and/or discount stores) and simply use a ribbon or rubber band to seal the opening.

Do you have a soap tip to share? Please post it in the comments sections.

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