Quick Note

The MOMdotCOM.net Blog will be inactive through the holiday weekend (from Friday April 14 to Monday April 17) but there's lots of freebies and games below to keep you busy, and I'll be back with a wealth of new deals and fun next week! See you then!

Thought for Wednesday ~ Quick Cleaning Tips

With the high traffic through many households this weekend, I thought I'd share a few fun interesting, but true cleaning solutions using common objects around the house to help.

To remove BLACK SHOE MARKS on vinyl or wood floors, rub them with a clean tennis ball.

To remove CHEWING GUM from hard floors, use a plastic bag filled with ice to cover the spot and freeze the gum. Then use the edge of a credit card to pop it off the surface.

To remove CANDY from carpet, first remove any excess liquid with a towel or vacuum up small pieces, then use a small amount of dish washing soap and a wet rag to rub out the rest. Follow with a wet rag (minus the soap) and then blot excess moisture from the carpet.

To find more solutions, try visiting How To Clean Anything online http://www.howtocleananything.com/

Freebies & Fun

CONTEST Instant Win - How Do You Split Your Thomas's English Muffin? http://www.winwiththomas.com/splash.cfm?flash=true

FREE $5 Gift Certificate from Starbucks Connections (available in limited areas) http://www.starbucksconnections.com/

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CONTEST Instant Win - Ice Age 2 Meltdown http://conagra.eprize.net/ia2/index.tbapp?page=alternate_form

These Instant Wins are still active too...

Disney & The Weather Channel "Forcast for Smiles" http://weather.eprize.net/forecastforsmiles/1-800-Flowers

DiGiorno Free-Throw for a FREE Pizza http://kraft3.promotions.com/digiorno06/page.do?page=ft_front.html

Tommy Boy "Reveal your Inner Tommy" http://tommy.eprize.net/style/

Peter Cottontail Easter Egg Hunt http://classicmedia.eprize.net/petercottontail/index.tbapp?page=reg_form&session_id=uzl0ykzt4tbe1j2s

Days Inn "Win Gas & Go" http://cendant.eprize.net/hotelbrands/index.tbappGap

"Quaker - Win a box of Breakfast Cookies http://www.quakersnackbars.com/CHW_InstantWin/index.asp

BlueFly "It-Bag-A-Day Givaway" http://bluefly.eprize.net/45handbags/index.tbapp?

Destination Doritos Instant Game (Click on "Promos") http://www.doritos.com/

Gillette Satin Care "Design your Perfect Beach Day" http://gillette.eprize.net/smoothlegs/index.tbapp?page=intro&email=&session_id=r1x30dt8wdzqjec4

Wendy's "Corner Raves" https://www.cornerraves.com/Main.aspQuilted

Northern "Trade Up Everyday" (Daily Prize)http://www.quiltednorthernultra.com/tradeup/

Crunch "Crunch 'N Winner"http://www.nestlecrunch.com/crunchandwin/landing.asp

Best of luck to you! If you win a prize, please post in the comments and let us celebrate with you!