Thought for Monday ~ The Great Outdoors!

Spring is in the air. The warmer weather beckons us to ditch those puffy winter jackets and step outside into the sunshine.

This time of year always makes me think of camping, and it's the perfect time to plan for an early summer outing. If your vacation dollars are tight or you need just a mini escape, camping is a great solution, offering fun for the whole family without breaking the bank.
Check out the local camp grounds near your destination or those closest to you for weekend outings. You'll find the average night's stay to be a fraction of the cost of renting a hotel room, even if you choose to stay in a cabin, rather than your own tent or RV (if you own or can borrow one.) Here's a few websites to get you started in your search:
All Campgrounds

Another little known fact is that stying at National Forests is usually cheaper than staying at a National Park, and on the up side, they are usually less crowded too. You'll find a listing of National Forest by state here:

If you are a little squeamish about camping (ie: sleeping on the ground, fear of missing your daily showers, etc.) keep in mind that many campground facilities are well equipped these days with showers, outlets for blowdryers and so on. The also have playgrounds and swimming pools, snack shops, and a whole lot more to offer. As for sleeping on the ground, consider purchasing an air mattress. They are inexpensive, pack easily, and offer a pretty comfy night's sleep.

Enjoy the great outdoors!

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