Thought of the Day: More Frugal Tips!

Have you seen those 100 calorie packs that are all the rage in the grocery store? They are expensive because someone else is doing the work for you! Buy regular packages of your favorite snacks, and use sandwich bags to divide them into 100 calorie packs yourself.

Whenever you get singles as change when out and about, save them! Always use a five dollar bill, or larger, when paying cash, and pocket those singles for later. Stick them in a bank at home, and watch your savings grow.

Use cheap conditioner, or shampoo and condition in one, to shave your legs. They'll be silky smooth and at half the cost!

Place your candles in the freezer for at least 3 hours before burning. They will burn longer and more evenly.

Sift and measure flour on waxed paper. That way you can pour the over flow right back into the container.

Add rubbing alcohol to your favorite aftershave and make it last longer! You can dilute it to make 2 or three times more than you started with, without sacrificing scent.

Soak white paper towels in vinegar and stick to your tub walls and floor overnight. This will draw the dirt off the surfaces without scrubbing. Vinegar disinfects, too!

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