BOOK REVIEW: Good Man Hunting

GOOD MAN HUNTING by Lisa Landolt
AVON, 368 Pages, ISBN 0061340390

If you were single and someone handed you a golden opportunity to land any man you wanted, what would you do? And who would you choose?

Plain Jane, "invisible" Sandra Greene gets her chance to answer as the author takes us on her wild, page-turning ride.

When Sandra attends her friends wedding, she meets several wealthy members of the Hunt Club. They offer her the opportunity to join them with the possibility of making all her marriage and romance dreams come true. After which, match-making, mayhem, miracles, make-overs, and murder abound!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading Good Man Hunting, but by page five, I was hooked. I immediately identified with the main character, Sandra Greene, and happily followed her through her remarkable journey.

Good Man Hunting is a riveting, modern day fairy full of intrigue and captivating characters. Debut author, Lisa Landolt, has really left an impression worth following, and will be on my auto-read list.

If you are looking for a truly enjoyable, gripping read, this Cinderella story is a keeper!


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