Before I picked up this book, as any parent, I thought I already had a lot of the answers. After all, I'd already survived one teenager.

From page one of Just Tell Me What to Say, I knew I didn't have enough answers, and thankfully, this book would give me them all.

Throughout the chapters of Just Tell Me What to Say, I found a treasure trove of information and advice, many things I did not have in my parent arsenal of answers... but do now! By the end of the book, I felt empowered, ready to take on questions from my toughest toddler, and comforted by the fact that I have an invaluable resource handy, should I need to deal with more sensitive issues like illness and death.

Just Tell Me What to Say covers it all, from sex to divorce, to rudeness in public and picky eaters. The author, Betsy Brown Braun, provides tips and scripts, and oodles of advice, written in a fun, friendly, "parent to parent" style that's easy to identify with and comprehend. Ms. Braun is truly an expert and her advice, priceless.

I could go on and on praising the merits of this book, but in a nutshell-I'm convinced Just Tell Me What to Say is a book that every parent and childcare professional needs. Get a copy and read it today, you'll be grateful you did...and your children will be, too.

Just Tell Me What to Say by Betsy Brown Braun
Collins, $15.95, 242 Pages


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