Every so often you come across something you just have to shout about... The Ultimate Tea Diet is one of those things!

The Ultimate Tea Diet changed my life is so many positive ways. In the first month I lost 12 pounds, increased my energy, and re-gained my confidence. (I'm currently on month two of the diet and continue to feel better and better each day!)

So much more than a diet... settle down with this book in hand and you'll feel as if you were sharing a cup of tea in a friendly, cozy setting with Dr. Tea in person. Throughout The Ultimate Tea Diet, Mark Ukra takes you on a wonderful and uplifting journey, discovering the riches of tea including its ability to boost the immune system, help lower cholesterol, sharpen mental focus, and even slow the aging process. And of course, aids in weight loss.

Dr. Tea equips you with all the knowledge you could ever ask for to choose teas and tea forms that work for you, including how to select teas to help curb cravings for sweets and other weight saboteurs. There's also excellent advice on preparing yourself mentally and physically, along with making wise-diet choices to aid your health and diet journey, and complete fourteen day plan to get you started. You'll even learn how to make your own tea concoctions and how to cook with tea to enhance your tea diet experience.

Surprisingly, the book also contains interesting and enlightening narrative about the history, cultivation, and unique properties of tea.

The Ultimate Tea Diet is not just for those who are seeking weight loss help-- people with health concerns and tea lovers alike will enjoy reading this book.

Overall, The Ultimate Tea Diet is fun and engaging, chock full of information and inspiration, and well worth the read!


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