Thought of the Day

Pie! With the holidays around the corner, and fall firmly in place, thoughts of hot, freshly baked pies cooling on the kitchen counter fill my head on a daily basis . Who wouldn't want a fresh piece of apple or blueberry pie smothered in vanilla ice cream or whipped cream? Mmmmm.

Many people are intimidated by the thought of making their own pie crust, but nothing on he market comes close to a really good homemade crust. Is your crust tough? Or crumbly? These tips will help you get that tender flaky crust each and every time you make your family's favorite pies:
  • Think cold! Everything associated with making your crust should be kept as cold as possible up until the time you use it. The bowl, your pastry cutter, everything that can be chilled, should be chilled. Warm dough gets sticky. Sticky dough requires more flour. More flour means a tough crust. Be sure to refrigerate your crust, as well, before working with it.
  • The fat in your pie crust is critical if you like a flaky crust. The key is to not have your "shortening" melt before it gets into the oven. Chill your shortening, or butter, 15 minutes in the freezer before you add it to your crust recipe. This will produce the flakiest pastry.
  • After mixing, you want your crust to still be a little crumbly. If the fat has warmed too much, your dough will be sticky. Place it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes before you begin working with it. If your crust is too dry, it will crack when you roll it. sprinkle with drops of ice cold water onto your crust until it is the right consistency.
  • Remember! Try not to overwork your pie crust dough. This will result in a tough crust. The less handling, the more tender the finished product will be.

Happy baking!

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