Wow! It's Friday again!

Congratulations to Barb for becoming an expert at ClubMom. I know she will do an amazing job there, and they are lucky to have her! :D

Thought of the Day!

Keep cool!

The weather has been exceptionally warm across much of the country. Be sure your pets have a cool spot they can take a break and plenty of water.

Wear loose fitting light colored clothing, and drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Avoid strenuous activities during mid-day hours, if at all possible, this is when it is the hottest.

Be sure to check on the elderly, they often can not feel the effects of the heat like you or I can.

Keep your home ventilated, and try to spend some time in an air conditioned building.

Fun & Freebies

Free Nexxus Therappe & Humectress Sample

Free Dove Cool Moisture Sample

Free Soccer DVD from Nike

Free sample of Pretty Feet & Hands

Free Eucerin Lotion Sample

Host a KMart House Party

Have a great weekend everyone! :D