Thought for Today ~ Treat Yourself to an Online Course for Free!

Barnes & Noble University registration for August courses is now open. Some of the highlights are:

German for Beginners
Organizing from the Inside Out
Yoga for Novices
Writing Children's Books
and even one that fits in perfectly with our Power Mom Community:
Money Management for Women

You'll find all these courses and more at

PS - (Though many of the classes suggest a book to be purchased to co-incide with the course, you'll find the course itself very informative without the aid of a book. To keep the course entirely free, as we here at love to keep everything free-- You may want to check the book out from your local library first before deciding to purchase.)

Freebies & Fun

FREE Lactaid Summer Cookbook;jsessionid=U2MXPPPKY5HLKCQPCCECUYYKB2IIWNSC?id=vcrc/offers/

FREE Subscription to Playstation Magazine

FREE PS2 Demo: Gangs of London

FREE Sample of Kodak Ink Jet Paper

Also... be sure to check out the latest School Supply Deals on ~ Check the front page Hot Topics for the link!