Thought of the Day

Saving isn't as hard as we think it is. It is simply a matter of determining what purchases are needs and what purchases are wants. We really have very few needs in life. We need shelter, clothing, food, and transportation. That's pretty much it. I know we think we need that $50 smoothie maker, but in all actuality, we probably don't. Take that $50, and put it in the bank. Hey! You just saved! Once you change the way you think, saving becomes easy.

Of course, we have to live. We do sometimes need the things we want. It's makes us happy. Look for cheaper alternatives for the things you want, or, if you have your mind set on the top of the line model, wait until it goes on sale. Everything goes on sale sooner or later. You'll save and learn a valuable lesson in patience, too. ;)

Ahhhhh, to be a millionaire. Until then, save, save, save!

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