THOUGHT FOR TODAY ~ Free Internet Resources for Kids

Keeping your children busy can be a challenge for any mom. The next time you’re looking for activities, check out the following Internet resources for fun and free activities.

Keep them coloring. All you'll need to do is supply the crayons, print a few pages, and enjoy watching your children add life and creativity to the images. You’ll find lots of free printable coloring pages to get you started on the following websites:

Learning Planet – Alphabet Pages
National Geographic -
Sesame Street -
Crayola -
Disney -
NIEHS – Environmental Health Pages
White House – President Pages

Play an Educational Game. Online games can keep kids busy for hours, but they are especially rewarding when they are educational in nature. Check out the following websites for engaging games both you and your children will appreciate:

USDA My Pyramid -
Girl Power -
Fun Brain -
Fun School -
Sesame Street -
DW Kids -
Kids Channel -

Create a Craft. Keep your children busy building imaginative items for play or crafting cherished keepsakes.

Michael’s Kids Club -(also offers free in-store activities)
Family Fun -
Sandie Go Zoo -
Kodak -
The Holiday Zone -

Taste a New Treat.
Little hands love to help in the kitchen. Consider having an indoor picnic or have your child help prepare a special dessert for dinner. You’ll find a wealth of recipes and ideas on the following websites:

Kids Health -
All Recipes -
Home School Zone -
Sunkist Kids -
Kraft Foods -
Very Best Baking -