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AVOID SCAMS ~ EARN MONEY SUPPLEMENT – Miscellaneous Opportunities

These opportunities may not fit "neatly" in the other categories listed, but they are ones you should check out, if they suit your interests.

CAFEPRESS If you own a website, blog, have a great idea for a t-shirt, or would like to promote your graphic designs or art, Cafe Press might be the place for you. Your profit can vary from a few dollars to full time wage depending on your pricing and the popularity of your products. (They are also a good site to consider using for school fund-raisers or family reunions!)

If you'd like to get an idea of products and how you might tie in to your website, we own a shop called The Write Shop which offers a few unique writers' gifts. It was created to give readers of The Frugal Writer a place to find fun items suitable for gift giving. (All prices were kept low to accomodate starving artists, so the profits are on the low end too, but this particular shop wasn't set up to be a money-generator. In any case, it will give you a good idea of how a basic shop operates. )

ASSOCIATED CONTENT Do you like to write? Do you know how to construct a good article? Or do you think you'd be good at reviewing travel locations, products, or sharing how-to information?

Associated Content might be a very rewarding place for you to work on line, then. AC pays for quality content/articles (starting pay average of $5 - $7 per article) and offers a continued performance bonus.

Check out these articles for examples of content (and for some interesting info too!)
Use Your Math Skills to Write a Book In A Year
Are Internet Freebies Taking Over Your Home?
Articles from A to Z (reviews/how-to/frugal living/etc.)