TOPIC OF THE DAY ~ Movies that Make You Sing Their Praises!

You know how sometimes you watch a movie that resonates in a way you can hardly put into words… imagine my surprise, when I popped in the Romantic Comedy, Catch & Release and found it to be an amazingly intense love story chock full of profound statements on life.

Loved it! Highly recommend it!

And the soundtrack too, which I just purchased this morning. Catch & Release Soundtrack Every song worked beautifully with every scene of the movie. Plus there’s a lot of good artists (Foo Fighters, The Lemonheads, Steve Durand, Audible, Death Cab for Cutie, Joshua Radin, and so on…)

So, this is one of those times I feel compelled to SHOUT OUT about a movie and suggest that you add it to your “movies to rent” or “movies to buy” lists!


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