Thought for Today ~ Cool, Cool Summer

Don't we wish? Wow- this has been a scorcher, hasn't it? Worse, with our air conditioners, fans, icemakers, swimming pools, and other "keep cool" items running full blast, our electric bills are going up, up, up!

So, I thought today we'd explore some ways to trim the electric bill without sacrificing our "cool."

Turn out the lights. During the day, if you have enough natural sunlight (and there's plenty of it right now,) keep the lights off unless you need them to do detailed work. The bonus, your area will stay cooler without the added light. Also consider having a few desk lamps handy with energy-saver light bulbs that you can use for your detail work (they'll use less energy) and a few candles if you just need a little light for the room, or for use at night.

Change the Temperature on your Hot Water Heater. If your water heater has an energy saver setting, be sure to use it. Or, turn the temperature down to around 115-125 degrees farenheit. This step can trim multi-dollars off your electric bill. Also, try washing your clothes using cold water to avoid having to continuously re-heat a hot water supply.

Turn up Your Thermostat. While 65 to 70 degrees might seem ideal right now, consider turning your thermostat up to 72-75. Experts estimate that you will save an average of 3% per degree on your electric bill. If you can live comfortably in your home with an 75 degree temperature, your pocket book will thank you!

Do you have an energy saving tip to share? Email or let us know in the comments section!

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