Thought for Thursday ~ Giving

While many of us struggle daily to make ends meet, it's sometimes difficult to think about giving. Yet, the satifaction, warmth, and overall good effect we have on the world at large and ourselves when we help others in our life, can often lighten the load of our burdens.

So in the spirit of giving, here's a few free gift ideas to get started:
  • a smile
  • a hug
  • an ear to listen
  • a shoulder to cry on
  • passing along a coupon we won't use to a friend in need
  • sharing great freebie finds & deals
  • a quick email note to let someone know you care
  • donating shampoo and soap samples to a Woman's shelter
  • offering to read a book for your child's class
  • (Add yours here! Please comment and let us know your ideas!)
So many ways, let's all spread a little free sunshine today!

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