WORK at HOME JOB FACTS: Online Surveys
Trade Your Opinions for Some Quick Cash

In these tough economic times, every penny counts... and completing online surveys is a great way to add extra dollars to your income.

Survey agents are willing to pay you for your opinion and your time to help provide direction for companies- because companies are struggling too, trying to determine how to get the best products to market that consumer's want.

Participating in online surveys is not a "get rich quick" opportunity, but you can put real money in your pocket every month. Surveys pay anywhere from $1 to $200 each, and sometimes more.

Don't scoff at the $1 minimum either, most of the low paying surveys take only a few minutes to complete. Complete ten $1 surveys in twenty minutes and you're averaging a pay rate of $30 an hour- not too shabby.

You can easily cash in on this growing trend as long as you have:

  • a working computer with an internet connection (dial up connections are okay, but may cause delays when connecting to or completing surveys)
  • the willingness to earn extra money
  • the willingness to give honest responses to survey questions, descriptive feedback, and to sometimes tap into your creativity
  • a ½ hour to an hour a day to check for and complete surveys
  • If you meet the qualifications, the next step is to consider setting up a separate email accountfor your survey activity.

It's okay to use your main email, but if you create a separate email just for surveys, it will help keep things organized and help keep you in the mindset that each time you open your survey account, you will working and you will be earning.

If you don't have the ability to set up extra email accounts through your regular email service provider, you can easily sign up for free accounts at or

Once you have your survey email address, it's time to find the major players in the survey company arena (meaning companies who pay you the most for your opinion and who pay promptly.)

Here's a list of some of the top companies to get you started:








KEYNOTE (pays in Amazon Gift Certificates)

KIDZEYES and TEENEYES (for children)

Another way to find new survey companies is to simple run a Google search for "paid surveys" or "survey companies."

However, when running your own search, watch out for mock survey websites- these are sites that promise you "hundreds" or "thousands" a month for signing up with them. Don't believe the hype, these are mostly scam websites harvesting your information to re-sell elsewhere.

Most importantly when running your own search, remember to never, ever pay someone for a survey list or access to taking surveys. These offers are not legit. Money should flow to you when you participate in surveys, not away from you into someone else's pocket.

It takes a little setup time to establish yourself with survey companies, but it's well worth it. Be persistent and consistent and check your survey company websites for opportunities daily. For a very small time investment, you can earn a nice side income.

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