SPECIAL GUEST: Author, J. L. Wilson

Our 16 year old TV finally bit the dust. It was one of the old monsters with the big tube that weighed a ton and took up more than its share of space in our living room.

We used the little black & white one for a few days then I turned my husband loose on Consumer Reports and sent him out to buy a new one. Three hours later (what is it with guy and toys that make noise?) he returned with a Sony flat screen. Apparently there are no more 'tube' TVs, only these flat jobbies.

Ouch. A bit pricy, but the up-side is, it should last another 16 years or so. I hope. Since I watch about an hour of TV a day, the thing is seldom used and often gathers dust. We considered going TV-less, but I have to admit to enjoying my hour of HGTV at night or the Food Channel now and again.

This gets back to my previous idea of 'conscious consumerism'. We thought long and hard before replacing the TV, and the one he bought was on sale, relatively cheap (as these things go), and should be adequate. It didn't have all the bells & whistles, and he successfully resisted the Lure of Fun Things. You go, boy.

I'm going to kick back tonight with a Rum Slush (recipe follows) and give it a try ... once we get it hooked up, of course, to the satellite, the DVD, and the other gadgets.

Now where did I put those instruction manuals?


Rum Slushes
(makes lots)

1 12oz can frozen lemonade
1 12oz can frozen orange juice
2 cups (1 pint) rum
9 c water
2 c sugar

Boil water & sugar then simmer 15 minutes.
Add remaining ingredients. Freeze. Stir occasionally in freezer.

To serve: fill glasses 3/4 full, top with Squirt, 7-up, etc.

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