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THOUGHT FOR TODAY ~ It's Hip To Be Cheap ...
By J. L. Wilson

It seems like the whole 'frugal' thing has now become hip. There's a lot of news stories, shows, specials, etc., on frugal tips for living. Coupon clipping, shopping at the right time (of year or day), the right place ... I've seen tips on all of these things.

One thing that's struck me, though, is something very basic that's very seldom discussed and that's what I call "conscious consumerism." Many people shop because it's a recreational activity. I have no quibble with that -- I don't mind a good browse now and again at my local mall. But many people use buying as a means of happiness, as though with just One More Purchase, they'll be happy. It doesn't matter if it's a purchase from the Dollar Store or from Nordstrom's. It's the purchase that makes them happy.

I found that if I step back and look at why I shop, then I often make my best shopping decisions. I'm trying to use the same sort of consciousness around food: am I hungry or do I just want to eat? Do I need to shop or am I bored? Do I want to buy something or do I need to buy something?

I'll report back and tell you later this year if it's working ...

And following my theme of 'frugal is better', here's a simple dip recipe, especially good with cauliflower or other crudités:

1 bottle French dressing
1 pt. jar mayonaise
3oz. grated Parmesan cheese

Add garlic salt or onion salt to taste

Keeps just about forever in the fridge. Enjoy!


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