I've just started reading The Ultimate Tea Diet book and have decided to put into practice the principles of the book by embarking on a 4 week trial (known as the Tea Diet Challenge.)

One of my biggest hang ups in starting anything new, even when it's to better my health, is the cost that's typically associated. Our budget is slim to begin with, so I'm finding creative ways to stock up on tea for the Tea Diet Challenge, including a search for free samples.

Here's some goodies I found and I thought I'd share them all with you - enjoy!

FREE Design a Tea Sample (2 Samples!) http://www.designat ea.com/samples/ samples.php

FREE Tea Sample from Tea Chef http://www.teachef. com/request_ sample.html

FREE Sample of Tea Blooms (These require a $2 shipping and handling fee, but are super neat looking and does come with a $4 off coupon for your 1st purchase.) http://www.fullbloo mtea.com/ freesample. html

FREE Sample of Top Quality Tea http://www.topquali tea.com/english/ gratis_e. html
Join the Lipton's Health Club for FREE Information, Samples, and Coupons http://www.liptont. com/health_ club/sign_ up.asp

FREE Sample of Zhong Guo Cha Tea https://secure. worldsourceintl. com/freesample. htm

UK Only: FREE Sample of Yorkshire Tea http://www.bestteai nbritain. co.uk/try. php